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Coloured Toilet Seat

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£19.00 inc VAT

Dementia tends to cause its sufferers a great deal of confusion when it comes to daily activities many of us take for granted. These colour-contrasting toilet seats in vibrant red and electric blue can help disoriented users to clearly locate the toilet, subtly preventing accidents and increasing users' sense of independence. Testing in medical and residential facilities has proven colour vibrancy is a more effective orientation tool than pictures or labels, which can quickly blend in to the background and become just another part of a user's uncertainty. These durable plastic seats are designed to stand out sharply from regular bathroom colours, remove confusion and give users the confidence they need to use the toilet without the assistance of loved ones or medical staff. Perfect for dementia sufferers or as a general memory prompt More effective an orientation tool than pictures or labels Designed to contrast with regular bathroom colours Easy-clean plastic seat fits most standard toilets Choose from vibrant red or electric blue Specifications: Weight: 1.5kg Guarantee: 1 Year

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