Personal Alarms

In partnership with Taking Care, we now offer a range of monitored personal alarms and fall alarms that help you remain independent and safe, at home and when you are out-and-about. Each alarm comes with a 30-day risk-free home trial. 

Taking Care’s award-winning 24-hour alarm monitoring service means you can get help quickly in an emergency at the press of a button. Their UK-based Emergency Resolution Team can help resolve any emergency, including if you fall, feel unwell, are in distress or have a home emergency such as cold callers, fire or flood.

Remain independent with help at the touch of a button

Choose a monitored alarm package to suit your lifestyle. If you would like reassurance that you can get help should you fall or have an accident in your home or garden, choose from the In-Home Personal Alarm range.

If you enjoy being active and want peace of mind that you can call for help wherever you are, choose an Out-and-About Personal Alarm. These include GPS technology so Taking Care will know where you are in an emergency.

If you would like a way to keep both you and your home safe, a Smart Home Monitoring package combines the reassurance of a personal alarm with monitored sensors that detect emergencies around the home.

How a monitored Personal Alarm Service works 

Not everyone has family or friends who live nearby and can respond in an emergency.

When Taking Care’s specialist Emergency Resolution Team receive an alarm call, they know who is calling and where they are calling from.

Even if you are unable to speak, the Emergency Resolution Team will have your emergency contacts and medical information to hand and will quickly assess the situation.

A family member or friend will then be contacted, or if medical assistance is needed, the emergency services will be called.

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