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How To Buy A Rollator

A woman walking with a rollator

If you're looking to buy a rollator online and you can’t decide if it's the right walking aid for you, then take a look at our useful guide on how to buy a rollator.

What Is A Rollator?

rollator is a walking frame with wheels, ideal for those who wish to maintain their independence on the go. Available in three or four-wheeled set-ups, the majority of rollators have hand lever brakes, allowing for maximum control.

Most rollators can be folded away for transportation and ease of storage.

Rollators are not recommended for those with balance problems.

Top Tip: Four-wheeled rollators offer more stability to the user than their three-wheeled counterparts.

Why Buy A Rollator?

For someone who has never used a rollator before it is difficult to understand the feeling of relief that comes with taking the pressure off your feet.

If moving to a standing position, walking across the living room, or taking a walk outdoors has become difficult if unaided, then it may be time to invest in a rollator.

By leaning upon the sturdy frame of a walker or rollator it allows you to spread your weight, taking pressure off your feet. This means you can walk further than you could previously, and without the strain.

Most rollators come with optional extras such as a bag or seat. This makes it an ideal mobility aid for use outdoors. What may have been a hard task, such as walking to the shops, now becomes easy as you can rest on the seat along the way and store your shopping in the bag.

Do I Need To Buy An Indoor Or Outdoor Rollator?

Depending on your circumstances, you may need a rollator intended for use indoors or one more suited to outdoor adventures!

Indoor Rollators - If You Struggle Moving Around At Home

If you are finding moving from the living room to the kitchen is becoming a struggle, then it may be time for you to get an indoor rollator.

An indoor rollator can help by giving the user a sturdy frame to lean on whilst moving around, with optional extras such as trays or brakes, making a rollator an ideal mobility aid for the home.

Top Tip: If you're choosing a rollator to use indoors, measure doorways to ensure that the rollator will fit through!

How To Buy Outdoor Rollators and Velopeds

Outdoor rollators differ from standard rollators as some have features such as heavy duty wheels, smooth ride technology, and a hand brake system. Most outdoor rollators can also be fitted with a seat or bag, ideal for shopping.

For more adventurous users, a veloped may be the ideal solution. Designed to effortlessly navigate any terrain, even curbs and uneven ground, velopeds are ideal for more active users with mobility needs or for those that struggle to walk comfortably whilst simultaneously keeping their various possessions close to hand.

Too Many Rollators To Choose From?

If you’re finding it difficult to work out what kind of rollator you might need, you can check out our infographic below to help you decide which rollator best suits your needs.

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