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Our slippers are designed for those who have feet issues, such as swollen feet, as well as for those that need some ankle support, but they are also ideal for those that are just looking for a high level of comfort. 

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What are adjustable slippers and why are they beneficial for the elderly?

Adjustable slippers are designed with features that allow for customization, typically involving Velcro straps or other fastening mechanisms. They are particularly beneficial for the elderly as they provide a secure and comfortable fit, accommodating any swelling, bunions, or foot conditions that may require extra room.

What are the different types of slippers available for purchase?

Slippers come in various styles, including adjustable booties. Additionally, they may feature materials like fleece, memory foam, or orthopaedic insoles for added comfort. Consider factors like foot conditions, preferences for warmth or breathability, and ease of putting on or taking off when selecting the right type of slipper.

How do you choose the correct size for slippers?

To choose the correct size for slippers, it's important to measure the foot accurately. Use a ruler or a foot measuring tool to determine the length and width of the foot. Refer to the manufacturer's size chart to find the corresponding size. Keep in mind that sizes may vary between brands, so checking the specific size recommendations is crucial.

What features should I look for in slippers for the elderly?

For slippers intended for the elderly, look for features like non-slip soles, adjustable straps or closures, cushioned insoles, arch support, and sturdy construction. These features enhance safety, stability, and overall comfort for older individuals.

We take comfort seriously here at Ability Superstore! So, if you want to keep your feet feeling relaxed all day long, take a look at our range of adjustable slippers. You can be sure that these items have been designed with your full comfort in mind.

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