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Door Stops & Wedges

A doorstop, or wedge, is a practical addition to any household. They are ideal for keeping doors ajar, making it easier to get around the home. 

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Practical and inexpensive doorstop options, such as our rubber door mobility aids, can prop even heavyweight doors open, and are subtle and unobtrusive.

For people who find it difficult to bend over, we also have long-handled doorstop options, allowing you to place, or remove the door wedge, without strain, or injury.

We also stock draught excluders to keep those draughts from creeping under your doors during the colder months.

Novelty Animal Doorstops and Wedges

Doorstops don't just have to be practical, they can look bright and fun, too. Ability Superstore's range of novelty mobility aids and wedges benefit from practical features, such as being weighted and wipe-clean, as well as being a stylish addition to the home.

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