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Draught Excluder

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£5.99 inc VAT

The draught excluder can have a big impact for a person who is sensitive to the cold. Often in the home, a nasty draft can cause discomfort and cost you money when it comes to central heating. Many drafts come underneath doors, even when they are shut. For this reason, a draft excluder has been developed as an affordable way to combat drafts in the home. The simple design works by building a barrier between the floor and the base of the door, blocking any nuisance drafts from reaching inside of the room. Suitable for both internal and external doors, the double sided draft excluder has shown to be highly effective at stopping drafts, dust, insects and odours. The twin draft excluder is easy to install on a variety of doors and can be cut to size to suit smaller doorways without impacting its ability. The fabric draft excluder will not look out of place, coming in a soft dark brown colour. The excluder is compatible with different door and floor types including carpets, wood and stone. It also may be washed in a washing machine if necessary. This item is incredibly simple but can deliver lasting protection from a long range of unwanted substances. A piece of equipment which is specialised in preventing drafts from coming up underneath doorways It is double sided for extra protection and can also prevent insects, odours and dust coming under Suitable for a wide range of doors, this piece can be cut to shape if needs be The soft fabric is machine washable and comes in a dark brown colour Suitable for use on internal and external doors

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