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Bathroom Conversions

Ability Superstore, in partnership with Companion Bathing, can now offer a specially selected range of bathroom conversions and bathing solutions to make your bathroom accessible, comfortable and safe. Companion Bathing has designed these adaptations to provide style, ease and comfort in your bathroom at a reasonable price. 

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Easy Access Showers

Ability Superstore’s and Companion’s range of easy access showers combine the comfort, luxury and space of a bath with the practicality of a shower.

Easy access showers are ideal for people who want to enjoy the freedom and independence a walk-in shower provides without the struggle of high-sided shower trays, narrow boxy cubicles, or difficult doors.

With wide showering areas, slip-resistant bases, and a choice of trims and screen doors, these bathing aids are the perfect mobility aids, enabling you to stay independent in your bathroom. Not only that, but they make showering a relaxing, luxurious experience.

Ability Superstore has partnered with Companion to offer you a selection of easy access showers that are not only practical and functional mobility and disability aids to make life easier, but are also a stylish, elegant addition to your home.

Walk-in Baths

A reduction in mobility doesn’t have to mean giving up on your love of a long, leisurely soak in the bathtub. Ability Superstore and Companion have teamed up to offer you an alternative solution.

Walk-in baths provide a safe, practical solution by removing the need to climb over the bath sides for access.

A walk-in bath means you can maintain your independence when bathing without compromising on safety, or peace of mind. These mobility and disability aids are perfect for people who prefer a bath to a shower and would like to replace their existing bathtub with a more practical alternative.

Walk-in baths from Companion feature low-entry access points and are compatible with bath lifts for added support. They make an excellent mobility aid for anyone with reduced mobility or a health condition affecting stability and balance.

The range features a variety of modern styles and designs, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your needs and your bathroom space without making any compromises. 

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms can be designed to suit your existing bathroom space, with a wide range of styles and finishes to suit your tastes and requirements.

Wet rooms are ideal for wheelchair mobility aid users, or anyone who requires level access without a shower tray to step over and are the ideal bathroom conversion. Wet rooms are a mobility and disability aid that can be designed to suit your existing bathroom space.

These bathing aids are a convenient and safe showering solution for people living with disabilities and can help maintain independence in the bathroom.

Wet rooms are a contemporary bathroom option and enable you to future-proof your home, so that no matter how your mobility requirements change over time, your bathroom will always be safe and accessible.

Wet rooms are also a great choice if you have loved ones, or family members with ongoing mobility requirements, or health needs, as they ensure your home is accessible for visits and overnight stays.

How To Get A Call Back From Companion

If you’d like more information on bathing solutions and bathroom conversions and wish to receive a call back from Companion’s friendly customer service team, please click through to one of the products and fill in the short form displayed next to the descriptions. Shortly after (within 72 hours), a friendly Companion team member will call you to discuss your requirements and the available options.

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