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Care Home - Signage and Orientation

Ideal for care homes, our orientation and signage products help to provide navigation for individuals living with conditions, such as dementia. From room labels and memory boxes to fake door knockers and letterboxes to increase familiarity, our orientation items and signs help to relieve confusion and promote independence. 

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Door Signs for Care Homes

Clear door signs are vital to help individuals familiarise themselves with new environments. They can also help people with dementia, or memory difficulties, to navigate familiar territory when they become confused, or disoriented.

Our range of door signs for care homes includes signs for toilets, bathrooms, bedrooms and communal areas, such as the lounge, or games room. The signs use bright colours, clear text and imagery, meaning they can easily be read and understood, even by people with limited vision, or cognitive difficulties. Our door signs can also be used in the home to help you find your way around without difficulty.

Clear door signs are a simple way to help you stay independent in all of your daily living activities.

Orientation Aids for Dementia

Orientation aids help people feel comfortable and ‘at home’ and can reduce confusion and distress in individuals living with conditions, such as dementia.

Mobility aids like dementia clocks and notice boards help you to clearly understand the time and date and distinguish between day and night, if your sleeping patterns are disrupted.

Home orientation products, such as fake door knockers, door number decals and letterboxes help to encourage a sense of familiarity in care environments, so that people living with dementia don’t become distressed and disoriented trying to understand their surroundings.

Orientation boards are an excellent mobility aid to help people with dementia, confusion, or anxiety orientate themselves.

Orientation boards provide the time, date, weather and day of the week to help orient you to the correct time and place, so you can feel in control of your daily life. There are also notice boards with space to personalise, so you can display other relevant, or important information, such as the day’s activities, events, or appointments. 

Dementia Signs at Ability Superstore

Ability Superstore supplies mobility aids and healthcare products to health and care providers, such as the NHS, and private nursing and care homes. Our collection of dementia signs are designed to make life easier and less disorienting for individuals living in care environments and to help caregivers make them feel comfortable, relaxed and ‘at home.’

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