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Health Care Aids

At Ability Superstore, we believe that taking care of yourself and keeping on top of your health and personal hygiene at home should be simple, safe, and easy no matter your age or ability.

We stock a wide range of health care aids and medical supplies for the home that can help you look after yourself or a loved one.

Our healthcare products are ideal for the elderly and disabled as they have been designed with simplicity and practicality in mind.

People Also Ask

With so many different types of health care aids available, you want to make sure that you make a well-informed purchase. Here are some questions people have asked before buying a health care aid.

What are Health Care Aids and why are they important?

Health Care Aids encompass a range of specialized products designed to assist individuals with specific health-related needs. They play a crucial role in improving comfort, mobility, and overall well-being for individuals facing various health challenges.

How do I choose the right Health Care Aid for my specific health needs?

Choosing the right Health Care Aid depends on individual requirements, health condition, and specific challenges. Consider factors like the type of assistance needed (e.g., mobility support, personal care, medical monitoring) and any specific features or adaptations required.

What aids are available for older people?

There are various aids tailored to support older individuals, including Back Care, Fall Management, First Aid, and Health Monitors. These aids are designed to enhance comfort and safety, addressing specific health needs commonly associated with aging.

What are aids and adaptations in health and social care?

Aids and adaptations in health and social care involve specialized tools, equipment, or adjustments within the home environment. These may encompass Assessment Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment, and Pill Dispensers, along with other aids tailored to specific health and mobility needs. They aim to improve comfort and independence for individuals receiving care.

Protectors & Support Aids

Our range of supports and braces can help you maintain joint and muscle health as well as keeping existing injuries or strains protected every day.

From back care solutions for people living with limited mobility from back injury, foot treatments and body care for seniors, you can browse our huge range of lumbar rolls, braces and post-injury supports for any part of the body.

Hand Hygiene & Foot Care Aids

Give your hands and feet the love they deserve! Our extremities often brace the cold and can be the most hard-worked parts of our bodies, spending the time to care for them should be easy and enjoyable.

Our collection of hand and foot care products offer a variety of solutions, from sanitising gels to manicure aids, our adapted products can help you take the best care of your hands and feet.

Pain Relief & Medical Aids 

When it comes to pain relief for small illnesses such as migraines, sprains and cuts, you need a quick and fast-acting solution that is easy to apply.

Our medical aids assist with health and body matters by covering a wide range of options from staying stocked up on first aid essentials, pill reminders and medication aids to help you keep on top of the intake, as well as hot and cold pain relief therapy to help soothes aches and pains across the whole body.

We also provide a selection of medical assessment equipment that provides everything you need to keep track of you and your family’s health at home such as blood pressure monitors and thermometers.

Our sports massagers and foot spas are ideal for winding down after exercise or for treating and soothing long-term aches and pains.

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