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Leg & Foot Rests

Ability Superstore's luxurious leg and foot rests are designed to provide support and optimum comfort when sitting and relaxing. These mobility aids take the weight off your legs and feet and make the perfect addition to your living room. 

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A foot rest is an ideal mobility aid for people living with long-term health conditions, such as oedema, poor circulation, or varicose veins, or have mobility issues that make it more comfortable to sit with legs raised.

These mobility aids are available in a range of styles and finishes, including height-adjustable options, as well as contoured, sloped and padded versions.

Foot Cushions and Wedges

Alongside our traditional and contemporary footstools, we also offer inflatable foot cushions, positioning wedges, rocker leg and footrests and specialist leg and foot supports.

Ability Superstore also has other helpful mobility aids like the raised, padded leg trough that can be used in bed to keep an injured leg properly supported, or to raise heels away from the mattress to prevent pressure sores and promote circulation and skin healing.

Ability Superstore's collection of foot stools, leg rests, cushions and wedges are suitable for use at home, or in care environments, and offer optimum comfort and support.

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