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Dementia Clocks

Dementia clocks that display the date and whether it's the morning, afternoon or evening can be greatly beneficial to those with dementia. View our full range here.

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What is a dementia clock?

A dementia clock is typically a clock with either a screen display or highly visible text that displays not only the time, but the date and whether it's the morning, afternoon or evening, helping those with dementia keep track of the day when standard clocks can be confusing. 

Are dementia clocks any good?

Our range of dementia clocks can be of great benefit to those with dementia as the displayed date and time, and whether it's morning, afternoon or evening can help them feel more orientated and organised, thus helping them to live independently.

What is the best dementia clock?

An ideal feature of a dementia clock, other than displaying the date and time, would be the ability to set reminders for daily tasks, and our Reminder Clock does exactly that. Not only that, but it is also endorsed by the Alzheimer's Society.


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