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Outdoor Ice and Snow Grips for Shoes and Boots

Product Code: 48610

£4.99 inc VAT

These outdoor ice and snow grips feature four small spikes that prevent the user from slipping when out and about in slippery, icy weather conditions. This versatile product can convert most shoes onto ones suitable for cold weather. The grips simply stretch over the base of shoes and help to keep the wearer safe when on the go. The tough metal studs on the underside help provide extra traction to improve footing in icy or snowy conditions. Slipping on ice can cause serious injury so the necessary precautions should be taken to avoid it at all costs. These handy snow grips are simple to slip on and off, meaning that the user doesn't have to change their full shoes when going from outside to indoors. The shoe grips will accommodate UK shoe sizes between 7-11. A pair of versatile stretch rubber shoe grips They have small spikes to grip the ice Increased traction will result in fewer falls in cold weather The grips can easily be attached and stored in a pocket or bag when indoors They stretch to accommodate UK shoe sizes 7 to 11 Please note that stud colour may vary from that shown in the photograph and the studs are not removable.

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