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Non Slip Mats

The Ability Superstore collection of non slip mats make mealtimes and everyday tasks for people living with limited mobility, easier and more controllable. An anti-slip mobility aid can help to prevent accidents, or spills, giving you the confidence to live independently and enjoy food and drink with your family and friends.

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Non Slip Mats and Coasters

An adapted non slip mat can be used as a placemat to keep plates and bowls in place while dining, whilst anti-slip coasters prevents mugs and cups from sliding about. These mobility aids help to reduce the risk of accidents that could result in injuries, such as scalding from hot foods, or liquids.

Ability Superstore's non slip range also features floor mats to aid steady footing. There are also anti-fatigue mats with non slip bases, which are great in the kitchen while doing chores, such as washing up, or ironing. 

Tenura And Dycem At Ability Superstore

The anti-slip mat collection at Ability Superstore features top name brands, such as Tenura and Dycem, who are experts in the field of non slip fabric, for mobility aids that you can trust and depend upon.

Our non slip mats are available in a range of designs, colours and features.

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