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Spare Cloths for Etac Long Handled Washing Range

Product Code: 30882

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These are replacement cloths for the Etac Body Care range (Products sold separately). Spare cloths for the Etac body care washing range shown in the photograph. Please choose the appropriate replacement cloth: Back washer cloth or the body washer cloth For details on the actual Etac body care washing range please see below.

The Etac body care range is ergonomically designed and carefully balanced to provide maximum power with minimal effort and strain. Each product has a unique shape that makes it easier to reach further. Mobility problems in the hips and shoulders can experience a smaller range of motion. Sometimes individuals may be unable to reach the lower limbs or round to the back. In order to facilitate independent washing, Etac have developed a series of long handled body washers.

There are three to choose from, a body washer, a back washer and hair washer. The hair washer is shaped to ensure it reaches all over the head and massages the entire scalp, substituting the fingers when shampooing. Both the body and the back washers have a removable cloth that wash effectively without absorbing water, ensuring they stay light and balanced even when wet. The handles are comfortable to grip in the palm of the hand, and feature a hook to make for convenient storage.

Replacement cloths for use with the Etac body care range A replacement washer can improve the quality of your clean By regularly replacing the washer pads, the user is reducing the risk of bacteria spreading There are replacement body washers and a back washers to choose from Easy to install, replacing the cloths is simple and hygienic

NOTE: Body Washer handles are sold separately

Model Specifications: Back washer length: 770mm.

Weight: 203g

Body washer length: 370mm.

Weight 112g

Hair washer length: 300mm.

Weight: 80g 

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