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Wall Mounted Weatherproof Key Safe

Product Code: 61341

£37.00 inc VAT

This is a small wall mounted safe that is ideal for keeping a spare key in a secure manner. The easy to install key safe is perfect for when locked out or when a neighbour, friend or service provider has to access your home when you are not there. The user is free to set a secure 4 digit combination for themselves, which will open the safe when correctly inputted. The safes are also weather resistant, with the upgraded silver coloured key safe coming with a weather shield for added protection. They are to be mounted on the wall, and come with wall fixings that make the installation a simple task. A set of full set up instructions are included with the key safe and have been set out in a clear and concise way. The discreet safes are an innovative way of ensuring that you don't get locked out, and are extremely secure, unlike putting a key under the doormat or plant pot! An innovative way of keeping a spare key safe in case of emergencies. These are four digit combination safes that hold a key securely until the correct code is inputted. They are mounted on the wall and come with fixings and a set of clear instructions. There are two models, a black standard model and a silver model which offers more protection against the weather. Superb for if locked outside or when letting someone into your home when you aren't there.

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