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Extra Stability Walking Sticks

Ability Superstore stocks a selection of extra stability walking sticks. These mobility aids feature either a tripod, or a quad base, with non-slip ferrules, to provide extra stability when walking.

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The extra stability walking sticks with either a tri, or quad base, make the ideal mobility aid for people who struggle to get around and like to use a walking stick, but need a little extra support and stability.

Unlike a standard cane, or walking stick, these extra-stability walking aids have more than one point of contact with the ground, meaning they offer superior support for people with limited mobility.

Adjustable and Lightweight

All our tripod walking sticks and quad canes are adjustable in height, meaning they can be customised to your specific needs. They are also lightweight enough to manoeuvre, yet strong and durable to withstand daily use.

Ability Superstore's extra stability walking sticks also benefit from comfortable, ergonomically designed handles that are easy to grip and hold for extended periods, reducing pressure on hands, wrists and fingers.

If you’re uncertain whether an extra stability walking stick is the right mobility aid for you, our handy guide on How To Choose A Walking Stick may help you decide.

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