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Boccia Measuring Calliper

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Boccia is a game which can be played by those who experience difficulties relating to their sight. Boccia (pronounced botcha) is an internationally recognized game played at the Paralympics. The aim of the game is to score more points than your opponent by getting your Boccia balls closer to the jack than your opponent. It is a game that may be played solo, in pairs or in teams. This measuring calliper is an essential piece of equipment for use when playing the game. It is used to measure the distance between the balls that have been played by each person, and the jack. The measuring calliper allows for proper measurement, and a definitive answer as to which player has won the round. Sometimes, to the naked eye it may appear that the balls are equal distances apart, and when this happens, the measuring calliper can assist. It has been made from a lightweight plastic, making it easy to use, as well as durable. There are two different lengths to choose from, depending on how far from the jack the ball being measured is. These are, 14cm and 29cm lengths. A lightweight measuring calliper for use in the game of Boccia The durable plastic piece of equipment will provide accurate results and settle disputes Those who are measuring can identify any differences between the ball distances quickly and easily Using a hinge mechanism, identifying small distances has never been easier Choose from a 14cm model and a 29cm length model.

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