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Plastic Shoe Horn

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Bending down to attempt to pull off tight shoes can result in great strain being put on the user. Shoehorns exist to help users take off tight shoes by working as a lever at the heel. This shoe horn works in the same way but has a long handle to reduce the need for bending down. This is a strong, plastic moulded yellow shoehorn with a long handle for an easier reach to the shoes. This economical shoehorn features a hanging loop for easy storage.

  • Long handles shoehorn to aid less mobile individuals with taking off shoes
  • The smooth plastic shoehorn is strong but lightweight
  • The yellow handle is 16" in length to minimise bending down
  • It is extremely simple to use thanks to the principles of leverage
  • There is a loop to hang this shoehorn from a hook or railing for storage

Dimensions: Length: 405mm (16")

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