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Economy Washable Bed Pads

Product Code: 30925

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  • Side wing tuck-in flaps.
  • Quilted for faster dispersal.
  • Waterproof backing for optimum protection.
  • Comfortable for the user to lie on.
  • Wash after each use on a 60°C cycle.

These great value bed pads are highly absorbent and include side wing tuck-in flaps to fit them securely to the bed. With these super absorbent pads, your bedding and mattress are kept dry as the pads can retain a lot of moisture. The pads are placed on the bed in the area that would be affected by leakage and are quilted for faster dispersal of urine and complete with waterproof backing for optimum protection. These pads are comfortable for the user to lie on too, meaning that their sleep quality is not impacted, whilst they can simply be washed after each use. It has been recommended to wash them in a washing machine on a 60°C cycle recommended, however, may be washed up to 95°C if required. 

  • Available in 2 sizes:
    • Size one - 700 x 850mm (27.5 x 35 inches) - absorbent up to 2 litres
    • Size two - 850 x 900mm (33.5 x 35.25 inches) - absorbent up to 3 litres Please note that the colour may vary (pale pink or pale blue).
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