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Quilt Clips

Product Code: 49815

£1.99 inc VAT

Do you find yourself struggling to change the duvet cover? Is the bed changing day the worst day of your week? Look no further than Quilt Clips! This nifty little gadget holds the top corners of your duvet cover to your duvet and makes changing the bed an absolute breeze.

For individuals with limited dexterity, a common task such as changing a duvet cover can be incredibly troubling. Changing the duvet cover is a tough problem for most people, but even more so if you lack mobility.

To make it easier, these quilt clips can help to hold the cover in place while you put the duvet inside. The clips have been designed to make this weekly task quicker and easier. They are so easy to use, it's almost like having an extra pair of hands!

Next time you change the sheets, save yourself the hassle and use a quilt clip to make the task much easier.

A device designed to assist with changing duvet covers the clips are easy to use.


Sold as a pair

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