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Why a Classic Cane would make for a PERFECT Present!

Posted by Francis Whitehead on December 7, 2023

Text reads "Why a Classic Cane would make for a PERFECT Present!" on a background of 2 people in a snowy landscape going on a walk. 3 Classic Canes with different patterns feature at the front below the text.


Christmas is coming closer and closer by the minute, and if you still don’t know what to get for your loved ones, Ability Superstore have just the treat for you.

Our Classic Canes range is a well-loved favourite of our customers, and with their unique, vibrant designs you can see why! From derby canes to orthopaedic grip canes, to even iconic real chestnut wood crook canes, the styles to suit you are limitless!

Not only are these high-quality walking aids durable and suitable for a brisk winter walk, but they are also greatly effective as a fashion statement and an outfit accessory. You can be sure that whoever’s lucky enough to receive one from you will be pairing it with their best big coat very stylishly!

When you take a look at these, you’ll never look at a plain walking stick the same way again!

Don’t believe us? See some examples for yourself!

Beech Derby Cane

Beech Derby Cane

Kicking off the range is the Beech Derby Cane, available in both Ladies and Gents sizes. This stunning cane is made from real beechwood in a delightful smooth golden-brown finish.

For those who prefer the traditional feel of a real wooden walking stick, this will be the ideal gift for them. We are sure that once purchased, this beech derby cane walking aid will be a trusty sidekick with you when you are in town or in the countryside.

Slimline Folding Elite Derby Cane Dark Blue Floral

Slimline Folding Elite Derby Cane Dark Blue Floral

This Slimline Folding Elite Derby Cane is made from a strong but light aluminium, so it is both sturdy and durable as well as being easy to handle. The pattern on this cane features intricately designed flowers on a rich, dark blue base.

Not only that, but it also folds up into 4 parts for easy storage in a handbag or rucksack, ready to be taken out on rambles and walks.

Hare and Tortoise Derby Cane

Hare and Tortoise Derby Cane

Based on the classic children’s story of the same name, this Hare and Tortoise Derby Cane will always remind you that ‘slow and steady wins the race!’

The design on this cane features cute illustrations of tortoises and hares from top to bottom.

Gardening Folding Fashion Derby Cane

Gardening Folding Fashion Derby Cane

This distinctive Gardening Folding Fashion Derby Cane features all things associated with the garden, perfect for someone in your life with green fingers.

It’s important to note the handle shape of these derby canes allows it to easily be hung across your arm when not in use, making it perfectly practical wherever you go.

And there’s plenty more in the whole range!

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This year, give your loved one the gift of a Classic Cane. If you have any questions about any of the products featured in this blog, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team. We will be more than happy to help!