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Crufts Pet Heating Pad

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£8.99 inc VAT

Self Heating Pet Pads are a great innovation, these simple, cosy pads, have a clever thermal structure that reflects your pet's heat back towards them. This pad features a super soft sheepskin style cover that is easily removed for washing. The pads fit most popular sizes of dog crates and beds, or can be used on its own on the floor, as it also features an anti slip base. The 4 layer design is perfect for keeping pets warm in winter; the soft washable cover provides extra warmth and comfort, the heat reflecting layer ensures that the pad stays warm as long as your pet is lying on it, the thermal insulation enhances and prolongs the warming, and the anti slip backing prevents unwanted movement. Size approx. 64cm x 49cm Reflects pet's heat back No power or batteries needed Ideal for older pets Ideal for puppies & kittens Anti Slip base

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