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Adjustable Bed Cradle

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£31.99 exc VAT

Adjustable Bed Cradle Quick Facts:

  • Adjustable height
  • Separates into two parts for easy storage
  • Ideal for ulcers, sores and skin irritations
  • Easy installation
  • Specifications: Height 454 to 680mm (18 to 27") Width: 356mm (14") Top Length: 565mm (22.5") Base Length: 710mm (28") Weight: 3kg

Bed cradles are metal frames that are designed to keep the bed covers away from the users body. Ideal for anyone with ulcers, sores or skin irritation. A simple metal frame, the base of which slips between the mattress and the bed base and the top forms a support cradle for the bedclothes to keep them clear of the feet and legs. The height is adjusted easily and the frame is in two parts for easy storage or transport. The height settings can work as a form of temperature control. Bed cradles are useful for people who cannot get their skin touched, such as those with severe rashes or ulcers. This easy to clean cradle is for use at the side or end of the bed. 

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