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Adjustable Bed Raisers - Pair

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£37.00 exc VAT

These adjustable bed raisers are designed for raising beds with legs. When a bed is too low, an individual can strain themselves and cause injury as they get up or down. Individuals with mobility issues would greatly benefit from a raised bed as it means less height needs to be covered by themselves. These bed raisers come complete with built in height adjustment by means of insert blocks, that are supplied with the unit. The inserts provide three heights, the raise being calculated from the floor, either 2.5, 3.5, or 4.5" in height. These raisers are connected and secured for maximum stability when in use. A pair of bed raisers to increase the height of a bed with legs A cost effective solution to a low bed problem There are three height increments to choose from Reduce strain on the individual using the bed They are connected together for increased stability Specifications: Raise heights: 63mm (2.5 inches), 88mm (3.5 inches), 113mm (4.5 inches) Width: 610mm (24 inches) to 890mm (35 inches) Maximum total load 78 stone (500kg)

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