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Beds, Mattresses & Overlays

Ability Superstore’s vast collection of beds, mattresses and overlays includes electric profiling beds, pressure-relieving mattresses, memory foam and fleece mattress toppers, a selection of mattress overlays, as well as many other options.

Our range of bedroom mobility aids is ideal for anyone wanting to adapt their existing bed to make it more comfortable, or alternatively, for people who are looking to switch to a profiling bed to suit specific needs.

Mattresses and Overlays

Our collection of pressure-relieving mattresses, toppers and overlays have been designed with your health and optimum comfort in mind. Whether you’re in need of a pressure-relieving mattress due to spending longer periods of time in bed, or if you simply want to upgrade your existing mattress, we have an option for you.

Pressure care is a vitally important consideration for anyone who spends extended periods of time sitting, or lying in bed. Our pressure relief mattress solutions can help protect your skin from damage by promoting good air flow and circulation.

We understand that everyone’s needs and requirements are different. You may be wanting to replace your existing mattress with a more suitable alternative, or you may wish to keep your mattress and add an overlay, or topper. Here at Ability Superstore, we have a wide range of products to suit your every requirements.

Profiling Beds

Profiling beds are an excellent disability aid for people living with long-term health needs, or restricted mobility. They’re also ideal for those who need to spend extended periods of time in bed, or who struggle accessing a standard bed.

With a profiling bed, you can raise and lower specific sections, such as your head, or feet, enabling you to find the most comfortable position for resting, or sleeping. The entire bed can also be raised, or lowered, which makes getting in and out of bed safer and easier for people with limited mobility. The ability to raise the bed also makes life easier for caregivers who may need to change bed linen, or assist with washing, or dressing activities, as it prevents bending and straining, which can cause ongoing back problems.

Profiling beds are also suitable for use with pressure-relieving mattresses to aid pressure area care.

Profiling Beds, Mattresses and Overlays at Ability Superstore

We understand that purchasing a new bed, or mattress, is a big decision and we’re always at the other end of the phone if you need any advice, or further information.

Ability Superstore is based in the UK and we supply beds, mattresses and overlays to healthcare providers, as well as to individuals and families like yours, so you can rest assured that we are a trustworthy company, who provide high-quality mobility aids and healthcare equipment at the most competitive prices available.

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