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Harley Mattress Tilter

Product Code: 50750

£32.99 inc VAT

The Harley Mattress Tilter is a simple yet versatile product which aims to make bed times much more relaxing for some individuals. It is a cushion in the shape of a 3d triangle, which goes underneath a user's existing mattress to provide a slight tilt. It is at the users discretion how they use the tilter, as putting it at differing ends of the bed will achieve different goals. It depends on the specific requirements of each user. The tilter provides the mattress with a slight 5° angle, which can improve circulation around the body. Placed at the head of the bed, users can alleviate pain which could be caused by a hiatus hernia, if lying flat. Snorers may also be assisted, as sleeping at a slight angle can improve airflow and is beneficial for those living with respiratory conditions. The tillter is a cushion that is remarkably strong. Designed to British Standards and made right here in the UK, this cushion was developed by Harley. Harley are industry experts and market leaders when it comes to selling professional orthopaedic care products. Constructed from a high density polyurethane foam, this tilter will work alongside most types of single mattress. It comes with a washable, velour cover available in a white/cream colour. A mattress tilter is a type of cushion which can alter the angle of a mattress by 5° The durable foam support can be placed at either end of the bed to offer different levels of assistance At the foot of the bed, the tilter offers improved circulation as a result of elevation which relieve symptoms of oedema and varicose veins If placed at the head of the bed, the user is less likely to feel hernia pains and it can assist with respiratory conditions It comes supplied with a removable soft velour washable cover in white Approximate dimensions: 46 x 63 x 12 >2cm

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