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Mattress Topper

Product Code: 31020

£56.99 inc VAT

The surface of this mattress topper allows it to mould to the body's shape evenly, providing extra support and comfort. The nodular design allows for proper circulation as the individual lies in bed. This proves particularly good for those who need to spend long periods in bed. By letting air in and around the skin, it reduces the chance of sores forming and for perspiration to escape. This can reduce irritation on the skin. The uneven foam also offers a level of lumbar support for the user, ensuring they are properly supported and comfortable. The installation process is incredibly simple, as the topper simply sits on top of the user's existing mattress, so they still have the height and cushioning but now with an extra level of support. There are different sizes available for both single and double beds.

  • A mattress topper designed for additional support and comfort
  • Foam is breathable and so allows perspiration to escape
  • This can help prevent the formation of sores on individuals who spend lots of time in bed
  • The uneven nodular design can offer the user greater support than a regular flat mattress
  • Installation is easy, just place the appropriate size on top of the current mattress

Specifications: Single Size: 900 x 1980mm (35.5 x 78 inches) - Weight: 1.7kg Double Size: 1450 x 1980mm (57 x 78 inches) - Weight: 2.9kg

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