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Rollators & Shopping Trolleys

Rollators and shopping trolleys can be essential walking aids for anyone living with limited mobility, or a long term health condition, who may need some assistance when walking. Rollators and shopping trolleys are ideal mobility aids for people wishing to stay independent and active and can help make everyday tasks easier. 

Rollators usually have 3, or 4 wheels and come in a variety of different styles to suit personal preferences, including all-terrain rollators, four-wheeled options and tri walkers. There are also a whole range of optional stylish accessories, such as padded seats, backrests, baskets and bags.

If you are wondering what type of rollator to go for, our expert guide – How To Buy A Rollator – will be able to help you.

Shopping Trolley Rollators

Alongside our rollators, we also have shopping trolleys to make the everyday task of shopping easier for people with limited mobility.

A shopping trolley helps you to transport your groceries, or other essential items, with ease and puts an end to struggling with heavy bags.

Shopping trolleys also help you to stay independent and, for people who need a little extra support when walking, a four-wheel shopping trolley is ideal.

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