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What are Pill Dispensers?

Posted by Mike Phipps on August 25, 2022

A weekly pill dispenser with two compartments available for each day for addiing morning and evening pills to. There are also some pills scattered on the table top and the words – What is a Pill Dispenser? – can be seen

Do you take medication in pill form daily? Is it sometimes difficult to remember whether you took them or not?

If your answer is YES to both those questions, then don't worry, you are not alone.

Having a less than good memory is incredibly common. Even young people with no sign of cognitive decline have memory problems.

Busy Lives

A man sits at an office desk, his head is supported by both of his hands - he looks overworked and stressed. People are handing him paper, folders and phones all around him

Life can be so hectic and busy that, sometimes, the more we ask our hard-working brains to remember, the more difficult it can be to hold on to it all. We get those awful blank moments when it seems as though there is a space in your brain where valuable nuggets of information once used to be. Maddening!

But as I said earlier, don't worry. There are many things you can do to aid a flagging memory. Simple things just to give it a little nudge now and again to help things along in your everyday life.

If you're familiar with 'Aide-mémoire' (memory aides), one of the first things you can get is a brilliantly straightforward, but highly effective, Pill Dispenser.


A person is holding a two weekly pill dispenser. It is being shown to a person opposite him

These little mobility aids are life changers. Pill dispensers completely remove the stress and worry of taking daily, regular medication. Seemingly so simple, (as all of the best ideas are), once you have had some pill organisers, you'll wonder how you ever managed without them. Investing in a pill dispenser or medication box minimises stress and worry.

These independent living aids remind, organise and dispense your everyday medication intake. Having one means you will never again have to ask, 'Did I? Didn't I?' and then getting into a panic over what to do next. Although, if this should happen, and you are unsure whether or not you have taken your daily pill/s, the advice is – don't take them at all, as you may be over-medicating, which could be extremely dangerous. If you can't remember whether you have taken your pills or not, just leave it for that day and start again the next day. 

Pill dispensers are a simple, cost-effective way of managing your daily and regular medication. A basic dispenser stores a week's supply of pills, and once this has been organised, at the beginning of the week, other than having to open each day's supply, you won't have to think about it for the next seven days.

What is a Pill Dispenser and How Does it Work?

The – 7 Day Pill Box – that's available for sale on the Ability Superstore website

7 Day Pill Box

Medication dispensers are usually small boxes that store your weekly intake of pills so you can access the exact number you require daily. Sometimes called a 'medicine organiser', a pill box usually consists of seven separate compartments, one for each day of the week.

A pink pill box is filled with pills. It's laying on a calendar with several days having been ticked.

At the beginning of the week, simply place each day's intake of pills into the designated compartments, which will be clearly labelled. It is then easy to select your daily dosage without relying on your memory. It's very straightforward – if that day's compartment is empty, the pills have been taken!

The pill box is a highly efficient mobility aid that helps you organise your medicine and lets you keep a check on what has been taken and when.

Let's look at the many different types of pill dispensers to make sure the one you choose is the right one for your individual needs.

Pill Box with One/Two Compartments

The – Pocket Med AM / PM – pill dispenser that's available for sale on the Ability Superstore website

Pocket Med AM / PM

This dispenser has a single or double compartment where you can store your daily quota of pills and vitamins.

Pill Box with Multiple Compartments


The – 7 Day Pill Box – pill dispenser that's available for sale on the Ability Superstore website

7 Day Pill Box

These medicine dispensers have multiple compartments for storing your regular medication on a weekly or even a monthly basis.

Double Decker Pill Box

The – 7 Day Twice a Day – pill dispenser that's available for sale on the Ability Superstore website
7 Day Twice a Day

You may have to take prescribed medicines more than once a day, in which case the most suitable dispenser for you may be the double-decker pill box which has separate compartments for morning and evening.

Pill Box with Day and Night Compartments

The – 7-Day MediChest – that's available for sale on the Ability Superstore website
7-Day MediChest

Some pill boxes are divided into day and night sections for anyone who takes multiple medications three or four times a day.

Pill Boxes with Alarms

The – Lifemax Vibrating Pill Box – Large – pill dispenser that's available for sale on the Ability Superstore website

Lifemax Vibrating Pill Box – Large

When you are taking medication at the same time each day, such as when you are eating a meal, this repetition tends to jog the memory, but should you need a little extra memory jolt, then a marvellous innovation is a pill box with a reminder alarm, sometimes called, a Pill Reminder Box.

These incredibly useful mobility aids greatly help people with dementia or Alzheimer's. The medication is compartmentalised in the same way as the basic dispenser but with the bonus of a built-in alarm. The alarm can consist of sounds, vibrations, flashing lights, or all of these!

Travel Pill Boxes

The – Lifemax Pill Box Reminder – that's available for sale on the Ability Superstore website
Lifemax Pill Box Reminder

These small pill dispensers can be worn around the neck like a pendant or, alternatively, kept in a pocket. These are a boon when travelling and can contain up to two sets of medication.

Automatic Pill Dispensers

The – Pippa Tippa – that's available for sale on the Ability Superstore website
Pippa Tipper

If you care for someone with dementia and worry that they may take more pills than they should, or not the correct pills, you can get an – automatic pill dispenser.

These mobility aids have a secure lock, and you can programme them to dispense the medication on the correct day at the right time.

Also, for anyone with poor sight, a pill box with a built-in magnifier is a bonus, helping you to read all the information about your medication before taking it.

Other items which could also prove helpful are...

Tablet Pill Removers

The – Tablet/Pill Remover – that's available for sale on the Ability Superstore website
Tablet/Pill Remover


These disability aids are for anyone who finds removing pills from their blister packs challenging. All you have to do is simply place blister packs over the hole in the plastic box and push the top down on the pack. The pill is then punched out and falls into the container. 

Pill Bottle Openers

The – Pill Bottle Opener – that's availble for sale on the Ability Superstore website
Pill Bottle Openers


A useful mobility aid to help anyone with a weakened grip unscrew the lid on those stubborn, difficult-to-open tops and caps.

Pill Crusher and Dispenser

The – Pill Crusher & Splitter – that's available for sale on the Ability Superstore website
Pill Crusher & Splitter


Make it easier to take uncoated tablets by crushing them first in this incredibly useful and easy to use Pill Crusher. 

Simply turn the screw to crush the pills into a powder. You can use the upper section of the crusher as a cup. This can be especially helpful when giving medication to children.

Pill Cutters

The – Ultra Pill Splitter – that's available for sale on the Ability Superstore website
Ultra Pill Splitter
Another way of making your medication easier to take is by using a Pill Cutter.

Even the smallest of pills are easily cut into two with these mobility aids.

The cutters are very helpful for people that may have limited dexterity or weakness in the hands. All you have to do is place the pill inside the container, shut the lid and the internal blade will cut the pill in half.

When the cutter isn't being used, the box can be locked for safety sake.

Colourful One Month Pill Organiser

The – Colourful One Month Pill Organiser – that's available for sale on the Ability Superstore website
Colourful One Month Pill Organiser


This is a great mobility aid to ensure pills are taken on time. It has 32 brightly coloured individual compartments for storing your daily dosage of pills, each clearly marked.

Pippa Tippa

The – Pippa Tippa – that's available for sale on the Ability Superstore website

Pippa Tipper

There are some really luxurious weekly pill organisers for sale. The Pippa Tippa is a high end monthly practical and lockable pill dispenser with easy-to-set-up alarm messages to remind anyone coping with dementia or Alzheimer's to take their daily medication. It offers immediate relief for them and their carers.

To Sum Up

So, after all that information, I think you will agree with me when I say that pill dispensers are a great mobility aid. They help you to remember something as necessary and essential as taking your daily medication.

Often, it's not just a question of taking a single pill daily, but numerous different items and keeping track of them can be stressful and worrying. The pill dispenser alleviates that stress and worry and gives you the confidence to know that each day you have taken the correct medication, at the right time, and in the correct way.

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