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Transparent Wheelchair Tray

Product Code: 33868

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This moulded transparent tray has smooth edges and corners, ensuring protection for tender skin. It's easy to wipe clean and with the rounded edges there are no places for dirt or germs to collect. Two recessed wells at the corners help prevent drinking cups from sliding about and a pencil trough across the front provides a handy storage area.

The tray is contoured so that any spilled liquid will run away from the user and not onto their lap.

Manufactured from clear plastic enabling the wheelchair user to easily see the front corners of their chair when manoeuvring. The tray fits to the wheelchair using a sliding bracket set which is included.

The bracket set allows the tray to slide and ensures that it remains secure even if someone leans on the front.

An optional back strap is available which prevents the tray being inadvertently pushed off. For details of the optional strap please click here.

Approximate size 610 x 530mm (24×21")

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