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Scooter Clothing Poncho Lined

Product Code: 32225v

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For most of the time, it's not practical to rely on the weather to determine whether to go out or not to run those errands. Having to venture out in the rain is never fun but can at least be made more comfortable with waterproof accessories. Designed with a full length zip, this Scooter Poncho is quick and easy to put on. The knitted cuffs are covered by the ends of the sleeves, giving a smart finish and preventing the fabric from getting wet.

A snug fitting hood and neckline zip combine to offer maximum protection without hazards or restrictions. A small pouch pocket can be used to carry items close to hand. Seams are sealed to ensure the poncho is fully waterproof. Available lined or un-lined. Protection from the rain to keep you warm and dry Knitted cuffs, fitted hood and neckline zip for additional comfort Pouch pocket to keep possessions close and safe Sealed seams to prevent leaks Unisex design and colour

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