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Patterned Bed Wedge

Product Code: 61453

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  • Sleep positioning aid
  • Ideal for acid reflux
  • Can also be used as a leg raiser
  • Two wedges can be used to provide a block for raised support
  • Ideal as a leg rest to assist with varicose veins, swollen ankles, oedema and phlebitis.

These Patterned Bed Wedges are great positioning aids, which can be used in various ways for different types of support and comfort. They can be used flat underneath a pillow to raise and prop the user up in bed, which can help with conditions such as acid reflux or respiratory problems. They can also be used as a back support to raise the user to be sat up straight in bed, in an ideal reading/eating position. The bed wedge can be used at the bottom of the bed either pointing down or upwards to raise and support the legs. Two wedges may also be used together to give more positioning options. 

  •  55cm x 57cm x 24cm > 1cm 
  • Removable cover  - wash at 30
  • Foam filling
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