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Mounted Table Top Scissors

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£28.99 inc VAT

These mounted table top scissors are designed to aid those with limited hand dexterity and grip. They are very simple to operate and makes the task as easy as possible. The device is simply placed on a flat surface and the scissors are used by depressing the large 'T' shaped handle with the hand or forearm and then the built in spring makes the scissors automatically reopen once the pressure has been released. Additionally, the base features a non-slip surface for added safety and user confidence. Available mounted on a plastic or wooden base and are suitable for one handed use.

  • Aids those with limited hand dexterity and grip
  • Can be used on any flat surface
  • Spring automatically opens scissors once pressure is released
  • Four options to suit preference
  • Two scissor blade lengths available - 45mm and 75mm.

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