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Harley Designer Comfort Pillow

Product Code: 50458

£41.99 inc VAT

Harley has an extensive range of supportive pillows that can support the individual's neck, back and shoulders. This particular model is their most luxurious. It is the ultimate pillow in terms of comfort. It has a traditional pillow shape so that it would not stick out when used with the rest of your bedding. Inside of the pillow is a Visco elastic memory foam. This composition of foam will mould to the individual user's shape. It cleverly does this through detecting temperature and pressure and adapting to what the material senses. This is the must-have pillow for those seeking their best possible night's sleep. It comes supplied with a luxurious, washable, zipped, polyester cover.

  • A super comfortable pillow by Harley
  • The pillow moulds to your form using Visco Elastic memory foam
  • The material responds to changes in temperature and pressure
  • A traditional pillow shape means it will match your current bedding
  • It comes with a zipped, washable polyester pillowcase

Dimensions: Length: 68cm (27") Width: 42cm (16½") Height: 10cm (4")

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