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Elbow Crutch - Childrens 4 - 7 Yrs

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£40.00 exc VAT

Add some colour and style to a regular pair of crutches, with these bright sticks! Perfect for children aged four to seven years old, they're suitable for individuals recovering from injuries, or providing support to those who live with a disability. These cheerful buttercup yellow crutches help to bring independence and confidence to your little ones, whilst being made from sturdy aluminium to be lightweight and robust in use. Featuring comfortable wrist cuffs, ergonomically shaped handles, height adjustable shafts and secure rubber ferrules, these crutches are guaranteed to provide safety and support in the most stylish and kid-friendly way possible. Slip resistant ferrule Z18 base. Handgrip height: 380-530mm (15-21 inches). Bright buttercup yellow design. Height adjustable shafts and ergonomic handles Suitable for children aged between 4 - 7 years.

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