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Elastic Shoelaces

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£10.99 inc VAT

For individuals who struggle with bending to the ground for long periods, shoes that can be simply slipped on and off seem ideal. There are also individuals out there who struggle with how fiddly it can be to tie shoes with laces. Because of these reasons, these laces are elastic, meaning that they will spring back to being tight when they have been configured. Shoes can be pre-laced and tied, allowing them to be slipped on or off without tying each time. These laces stay securely tied, they are also incredibly discreet as they look like and are tied like regular laces.

  • A set of elastic laces that do not need retying after the initial set up
  • They use elastic to tighten, meaning laced shoes act like slip-ons
  • They are discreet in appearance, looking like regular laces Ideal for individuals with dexterity issues or other mobility problems
  • There are different lengths and colours available
  • Available in 2 different lengths and 3 different colours.
  • 610mm (24") laces, width 5mm (0.188") supplied in three pairs per pack
  • 650mm (26") laces, width 3mm (0.125") supplied in two pairs per pack
  • Colour options: black, brown or white.

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