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Can Do Digi-Flex Hand Exerciser System

Product Code: 32016

£30.99 inc VAT

These handheld finger exercisers are great for building hand strength or rehabilitating finger injuries. The ergonomic base is comfortable to workout with and promotes optimal positioning. It also distributes pressure evenly over the palm. A three-spring palm bar allows for gross grasp exercises. The Digi-Flex unit has four individual finger pads that each compress by themselves. This lets each finger work and prevents stronger digits compensating for weaker ones which would inhibit recovery.

  • Spring-based finger and hand exerciser
  • The ergonomic base is easy to grip
  • Four finger pads
  • Non-latex handheld unit

Levels of resistance and co-ordinated colours are listed below: Yellow - 1.5lbs Red - 3lbs Green - 5lbs Blue - 7lbs Black - 9lbs

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