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Air Force One Nebuliser

Product Code:

£34.99 exc VAT

Air Force One Nebuliser Quick Facts: 

  • Piston Driven High Pressure Motor from Drive DeVilbiss
  • Available excluding VAT for those eligible
  • Minimal noise lightweight and compact Neb Kit with high power output
  • An affordable but vital piece of equipment 
  • Simply plug in and go
  • Easy Set up 
  • Handle incorporated in shell for easy carrying
  • Tubing and mouthpiece included 

 The Air Force One Nebuliser allows high therapeutic results and the piston driven high pressure motor ensures high performance at a very low noise level. Suitable for use in the home, this nebuliser offers powerful results at low cost, being both quiet and affordable. This durable piece of equipment is both compact and portable. The case incorporates a handle so that it can easily be transported to wherever it may be needed. It is lightweight as well, and is ideal for use by COPD patients. A disposable neb kit is included with this purchase, assisting those with the use of the machine. This incorporates tubing and a mouthpiece for efficient delivery of the solution.

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