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Adjustable Bag Holder

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£4.99 inc VAT

A handy little gadget that is very useful to have around and every kitchen should have. The bag holder has a suction base to keep the holder in place on a table top/worktop for ease of use. There are adjustable arms on either side which holds plastic bags upright and opens them, then you can easily pour in your contents. The bag holder folds flat for convenience and ease of storage. An absolutely fabulous way of a helping hand in the kitchen. Fantastic for storing a wide variety of foods, including casseroles, soups etc. that you want to cook now and freeze for later.

  • Hands-free storage bag holder
  • Simply fasten bag under clips and fill
  • Suction base to keep the holder in place
  • Folds flat for ease of storage
  • Cook foods now and freeze them for later

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