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Accessories for the Sure Grip Cup Range

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£8.99 exc VAT

This stackable, polycarbonate mug features deep grooves allowing a comfortable grip in the hand and is anti-slip. It is suitable for all age groups, hot and cold liquids and the virtually spill-proof, patented valve in the lid prevents spillage. Only a small drop escapes before the vacuum seals off the main flow. The Sure Grip Mug has a spout, angled to facilitate easy use. Another feature of this cup is the inclusion of a 100ml and 200ml measure guide on the outside, this comes in useful when volumes of liquid need to be recorded. Microwave and dishwasher safe, available in three colours. The optional lid changes colour if the contents are in excess of 50°C. in temperature. The optional handle is available. A useful straw clip is also available which eliminates the need to hold the straw when drinking.

Please note this listing is for the accessories - the mug is not included and can be bought seperately here.

  • A set of accessories for the Sure Grip cup
  • The sure grip cup is sold separately and is virtually spill proof
  • The straw holder holds a straw in place using a clip system
  • An optional handle assists those with grip problems
  • The accessories are easy to install and cost effective

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