How to use a walking stick

It's important to walk correctly when using a walking stick. If used incorrectly, a walking stick can be difficult to use, and can cause issues with posture and stability.

Simply follow our step-by-step guide on how to use a walking stick below:

1. Ensure your walking stick is the correct height and type for you

In order to walk correctly with a walking stick, you’ll need to select a walking stick with the right height, style and shape to suit your body and your activity level.

You can find out how to correctly measure for a walking stick here.

2. Ensure you hold the walking stick in the correct hand

Remember that the stick should normally be held in the hand OPPOSITE to the affected leg.

3. Adapt your walking style when using a walking stick

Walk in a normal manner placing the stick on the ground at the same time as the affected leg.

Top Tip: Depending upon your activity, the weather and terrain, you’ll need to select the correct ferrule to keep you steady and stop you from slipping.

4. When using a stick (or sticks) to get in and out of chairs

For getting out of a chair - the stick should be near the arm of the chair. Lean forward and with the hands on the arm of the chair, push forward and stand up using the walking stick/s for support.

For sitting down in a chair - turn around so that your back is facing the chair with the stick/s in your hands. Feel the chair behind your legs and place your hands on the chair arms. Bend forward and lower yourself gently into the chair resting the sticks close to you.

Choosing which walking stick is right for you

Choosing the right walking stick is really important, from a folding walking stick which will fit neatly into the car or a small handbag, to Quad and Tripod walking sticks for extra stability.

If you're unsure of which walking stick is right for you, then let our mobility and healthcare advisers guide you through the process - call us call us free on 0800 255 0498.

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