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Cast & Dressing Protectors (old)

Cast and dressing protectors are practical, mobility aids for people with a cast, or wound dressing. They allow you to continue washing, showering and bathing as normal, without getting your cast, or dressing, wet. 

Ability Superstore's waterproof cast protectors are ideal for helping you to stay clean and fresh when recovering from an injury, or surgery. 

Cast and dressing protectors come in a range of styles and sizes to suit your needs and include clear, waterproof hand and foot cast protectors and full-length ones for legs and arms. Children’s cast covers are also available.

Outdoor Cast Protectors

Some casts provide protection from the elements when going about daily living activities outdoors. So, whether you’re out and about shopping, or doing a spot of gardening, you can rest assured that your cast, or dressing, will remain clean and dry with any one of these mobility aids.

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