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Gripping Aids

If you struggle with gripping, or find daily tasks, such as using keys too fiddly, Ability Superstore’s wide range of gripping aids can make life easier. Our selection of turners and grippers are ideal gadgets to help you with everyday tasks. Turners act as extensions to your hand/object, so you have something to hold that allows for an easier grip and turning motion, whether it is on keys, or taps, whereas grippers help you to hold small items steady.

Key Turners & Tap Head Turners

In a range of styles and colours, our key and tap head turners have been designed to offer a secure grip with contoured handles. These useful mobility aids are particularly helpful for people living with reduced dexterity, or weak hand and wrist strength, due to limited mobility, or health conditions.

Tap turners are available in different styles and shapes to suit different tap heads and come with high contrast blue/red handles, making it easy to distinguish between the hot and cold taps, reducing the risk of scalding. Key turners also come in a variety of options and colours and can hold a single key, or a set of keys.

For tricky tasks that require a steady hand and pincer grip, a multipurpose grip can be an excellent choice of mobility aid, enabling you to easily hold fiddly items like nail files, mascara wands, a toothbrush, or a key.

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