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Suction Grab Rails

Ability Superstore's range of suction grab rails do not damage any of the surfaces in your home, as you don't need to drill, or screw them into your walls to put them up. They can be simply fixed to wall tiles, for example, ready for use straight away. 

You also don’t need to worry about leaving your grab rails behind when you go away on holiday, or when staying with friends and family. 

Suction grab handles are a fully portable mobility aid that can be easily removed and are compact enough to take with you in a bag, or suitcase. This means you can rest assured you’ll have secure support wherever you go.

Our suction grab rails are designed to be used on clean, dry, non-porous surfaces, such as bathroom tiles, and many benefit from safety features for added peace of mind. The Mobeli grab bars and disability aids, for example, feature an indicator system that alerts you if the grab rail isn’t secure and needs re-attaching. 

Suction grab rails are not designed to take an individual’s full weight, but are ideal mobility aids for those who need a bit of extra support during their daily activities due to limited mobility, or balance issues.

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