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Profiling Beds

Ability Superstore’s range of superior profiling beds features a variety of adjustable beds to make life easier by improving accessibility in the home, or in a care setting.

A profiling bed is the ideal mobility aid for those living with limited mobility, or ongoing health needs, or disabilities. They’re particularly well suited for people who may spend long periods of time in bed, or who find it difficult to manoeuvre in and out of standard ones.

Electric Profiling Beds

Electric profiling beds can increase comfort by allowing you to raise sections of a bed, such as the head section, to suit your personal requirements and preferences. They can be used in conjunction with pressure-relieving mattresses to assist with pressure area care.

Profiling beds can also help reduce the risk of falls in the bedroom, as these mobility aids enable you to raise, or lower the frame when transferring in, or out of bed, as required.

Caregivers also benefit from profiling beds, as they prevent strains from continual bending, twisting and lifting when assisting with moving, handling and personal care.

An electric profiling bed can offer various benefits for anyone with long-term health conditions, or reduced mobility. See our expert guide on How To Buy A Profiling Bed for more information.

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