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Outdoor, Modular And Other Grab Rails

Grab rails are a simple, but effective mobility aid to help you move safely and independently around the inside and outside of your home.

Here at Ability Superstore, we have a large collection of steel options for you to choose from, including outdoor, modular and specialist grab rails, such as the D-shaped grab bar.

Grab rails promote independence, give peace of mind and confidence and help in the prevention of slips and falls. They are ideal daily living aids for people living with limited mobility and long term medical conditions.

Outdoor Grab Rails

Outdoor grab rails are specifically designed to be used outside the home and withstand all weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. These types of grab bars are strong, durable and an excellent mobility aid to assist when moving up steps, or through doorways, for example.

Modular Grab Rails

Modular grab rails consist of a fully customisable rail system that can be adapted to suit your home and your needs. Sections of rails fit together to create a continuous rail along walls, or around corners, allowing you to safely move throughout your home.

Other Grab Rails

Our wide range of grab rails includes many other options, such as D-shaped handles, perfect for using alongside steps, sinks, or toilets, and angled grab bars to ease the strain on your hands and wrists during use.

We also supply floor to ceiling grab rail poles that are the ideal mobility aid to assist with transfers from a sitting to a standing position, and grab rail holders for keeping a range of daily living items secure and easy to hand.

The Ability Superstore range of outdoor, modular and other disability aids has something to suit every need and every environment and will help make your daily living safer and easier.

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