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Our range of orientation aids help make daily life easier and more understandable for people living with conditions like dementia. For those living with such conditions, everyday tasks and activities can result in confusion, or distress, and even familiar surroundings can seem unfamiliar, or disorienting. Orientation aids can help by providing familiarity and reassurance.

Dementia Orientation Aids

The Ability Superstore range of dementia mobility aids includes products, such as a dementia clock, with large, clear numbers and day/night time imagery to help easily distinguish between daytime and nightime.

We also supply dementia key fobs in a wide range of styles. These can be quickly and easily connected to corresponding keys to make it easy to tell which key is needed.

People living with dementia may easily become disoriented when moving around care environments, such as care homes, shared housing, or sheltered accommodation. Simple orientation aids, such as fake door knockers and door number decals, can provide a sense of place and familiarity, helping an individual understand where they are, reducing confusion and potential distress.

A routine can really help those living with dementia, Alzheimers, or conditions such as anxiety, allowing people to anticipate what will happen next and understand what is expected of them. Our dry wipe activity noticeboard sets out each day of the week, along with ample space to write the activities, or events planned for that day. This mobility aid can then be displayed within the home, or care environment, as a clear, visual reminder of the week ahead.

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