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Mattress Elevators

Mattress elevators and bed positioning aids help you find optimum comfort and support using your existing bed and mattress. These mobility aids offer support and comfort when sleeping propped up, or resting in bed.

Electronic mattress tilters, or portable sloping cushions, are the ideal mobility aids for anyone who struggles to get comfortable on a traditional flat bed, or who has specific mobility, or health needs that require them to be propped up when sleeping, such as respiratory issues, or acid reflux, for example.

Bed Positioning Aids

Ability Superstore’s collection of bed positioning aids are a simple way to add adjustable features to a standard bed without needing to invest in an expensive new one. These bed positioning aids are an excellent choice for anyone needing to spend extended periods of time in bed who want comfort and versatility from their existing bed and mattress.

Ability Superstore has a wide range of bed positioning mobility aids to choose from, including pillow lifters and inflatable cushions, so you can be sure to get the right product for your particular needs.

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