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Four-wheel rollators are an ideal walking aid for anyone who may need a little assistance when walking and getting out and about. Our range includes a variety of designs, colours and features.

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The Ability Superstore collection includes both indoor and outdoor rollators. If you are looking for a rollator for yourself, or a loved one, our How to Buy A Rollator guide can help you make the right decision.

Ability Superstore's lightweight four-wheel rollators are ideal mobility aids for taking with you on day trips, to the local shops, short breaks and holidays, as the majority of these models are compact, lightweight and fold up easily for transportation. Whereas our heavy-duty rollators feature a strong construction and are not as easy to manoeuvre. 

Deluxe Lightweight Rollators

We stock a selection of deluxe lightweight rollators to help you get the most out of your everyday activities. These mobility aids are also lightweight with attractive modern designs, excellent suspension and a range of practical features to make life easier.

Don't forget, as with every mechanical item with moving parts, to check over your rollator regularly before use, as they require regular maintenance similar to a bicycle.

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