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Our range of diabetes care equipment can help keep the condition controlled and manageable, helping to make everyday life with diabetes easier. Our range of medical aids for diabetics includes blood glucose monitors, pill dispensers and specialist diabetic socks.


Lifemax Pill Box Reminder

£13.99 inc VAT

Keyring Pillbox

£4.00 inc VAT

Coloured Pill Dispenser

From £4.16 with VAT Relief
(£4.99 inc VAT)

Blister Pen

£13.00 inc VAT

Anabox 7 Day Pill Organiser

£19.99 inc VAT

3 in 1 Pill Cutter & Store

£4.99 inc VAT

Etac Socky Support and Compression Stocking Aid

From £19.16 with VAT Relief
(£22.99 inc VAT)

Easy On Compression Stocking Aids

From £11.66 with VAT Relief
(£13.99 inc VAT)

Low Blood Sugar Wrist Worn Alarm - Hypoglycaemia Monitor

From £114.16 with VAT Relief
(£136.99 inc VAT)

Beurer Blood Glucose Monitoring System

£67.00 inc VAT